Protection You Can Depend On

Hire us to monitor your security alarms in Grand Rapids, MI

When someone breaks into your business or a fire breaks out in your home, every second counts. With 24-hour security alarm monitoring from Millennium Security Systems, you can get help fast. Our central monitoring facility in Grand Rapids, MI will keep an eye on your fire, smoke and security alarms, and alert the proper emergency personnel at the first sign of danger.

Nothing is more important than keeping your family, home and business safe. Partner with us today for 24-hour security alarm monitoring services.

Professional monitoring. Rapid response.

A security alarm that isn't being monitored isn't doing your home or business any good. Rely on Millennium Security Systems to take over monitoring your:

  • Burglary or intrusion alarms
  • Landline emergency alarms
  • Wireless security alarms
  • Smoke, heat and fire alarms
  • Carbon monoxide alarms
Get the added peace of mind you deserve. Call Millennium Security Systems today to sign up for 24-hour monitoring services.